Frequently Asked Questions

How do I collect leads with the lead tracking app?

The lead tracking app is an app you can download on your Android or Apple iOS device to scan attendee badges and collect their contact and demographic information. You will recieve the data in a .csv file that you can easily import to your favorite data processing software

What data will I receive when I scan a badge using the lead tracking app?

The following information is collected when an attendee’s badge is scanned: First Name, Last Name, Job Title, Company, E-Mail, Phone, Address, Address 2, City, State, Zip, Country, Title, any freeform notes you type, and any follow ups or survey questions you may ask them.

How will I receive my leads?

At any time during or after the event you can email yourself a .csv file with all your leads from app.

I don’t want to share my phone with everyone in my booth. Do you have rental devices?

You can rent an device from us and it will already be preloaded with the app, set up with your license, and ready to use when you pick it up. The last day to rent a device in advance is 2.21.24. After this date, any additional device rental orders must be placed on-site. There will be a limited number of device rentals available on-site. No refunds will be provided after 2.21.24.

What is Customization Service? What are the follow up/survey/qualifier questions?

The lead tracking app has a base set of questions included in app. If these do not meet your needs, we can customize them for you for a fee.

The following are the base set of qualifier questions and they are multiple choice.

Follow up:

Purchase Authority:

Do I need to use cellular data or be connected to Wi-Fi for the app to work?

The only time a live Internet connection is required is when you are downloading the app to your device, when you are logging into your account, and when you want to sync your leads or email them to yourself.

If you have a poor Internet and/or data connection while scanning, you will only collect the badge ID and it will show as Unknown Attendee until you have a stronger connection. Leads will be stored on the device and will sync with full information once the device establishes a stronger connection.

What does ‘Unknown Attendee’ mean?

This message means one of two things:

What happens if I have trouble using the app onsite at the conference?

For most events there will be lead tracking support available onsite at the Lead Tracking Desk. Visit the desk for help troubleshooting any problems you may have during the conference. We also offer customer support via phone and email before, during, and after every event.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

Cancellations must be received in writing to by 2.21.24. No refunds will be provided after 2.21.24.

What are the terms and conditions for lead retrieval service and equipment rental?

Please review and print our Terms and Conditions.

Do you have a Developer's Kit API? Do you have post-event data reconciliation?

We do not have a Developer's Kit API. We do have post-event data reconciliation for a fee. For post-event data reconciliation, you would submit all the attendee badge numbers you collected from the badge at the end of the event and we would provide the complete data within 24 hours. If you are interested or have any questions please send your request to